Monday, September 12, 2011

Waking up full of AWESOME

The idea for this post comes from another blog post  "Waking up full of AWESOME" that asked us to remember back to being 5 years old.  Remember when it didn't matter what you wore, if your hair was messy, how many teeth you were missing, if you had lunch on your face or what brand of jeans you had on?  Remember how you danced at weddings?  Remember how you hugged and meant it with every ounce of your little body?  Remember how your smile and your giggle made other people light up?  Think back to how it felt to give everything you had to the day and could fall asleep exhausted and content in the car?  There was a time when you were little and the only measure of success was your own gleeful announcement of "LOOK MOM!" or "I DID IT!".  Inevitably, time and the pressure to grow up and achieve kicks in and the innocence of childhood begins to slip away.  I hate to think of the day that Corbin comes home and is sad because someone called him slow because he wasn't first in the race or dummy because he spelled words wrong on a test.  I dread the day that  a child makes him feel unloved with a naive or derogatory comment about being adopted.   It's with those thoughts in mind that I celebrate my son's awesomeness in the small moments that we are weaving together as a family.  Some people cluck and tsk at hearing a parent tell their child "you're awesome!" as they think it will result in a child who is arrogant, boastful or who won't feel good enough if they don't succeed.  Well, for me, as competitive as I am, "awesome" is loosely associated with winning and tightly associated with being an amazing person.  Awesome is sharing, cheering, being graceful, modest, encouraging, full of try, finding desire to do better or sometimes even knowing when to quit.
To me, my boy is awesome because he is him and because he makes my world better every morning he walks into my room.  Your awesome kid doesn't make mine any less awesome so please don't be offended if you over hear me telling him he rocks or is smart or is handsome or any other derivative of Wow... I'm lucky to be your Mama.  Here's a little of the awesome he's been up to lately.
Blueberry picking in MA with Misha & Steph

Russian Bathtime complete with bubbles
Hanging out in CapeCod

Swingin' by the dock of the bay 

D-O-N-E done
Ring Bearer at Auntie Karen & Uncle Rod's "special day" 
Corbin & his "princesses"

Corbin and Ty - the boys I love
This picture means a million words to me...

Dressed for the ceremony... Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboy's

Dance with Auntie Karen

He had them moves like Jagger ALL NIGHT LONG (notice the wearing in the knee region!)

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Tracey and Chuck said...

Love this post!!! We think our Matthew is pretty awesome too! :) Corbin is getting so big and such a handsome little guy he is! So glad to see all the updated pics!!!