Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saratov, Izhevsk, Penza, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg or Perm?

I am begining to feel like my adoption journey mirrors the sound coming from my iPod FM tuner... sometimes it comes in clear and things sound good... turn a corner and - without warning or reason things go to static and there is nothing to do but wait out the annoying drone or change stations. Perm... a whole lot of static with no end in sight. No referrals for 5 1/2 months and folks actually getting a referrals (with other agencies) have questions on their health and are losing them to Russian families. Sounds like there will be nothing for a few more months at best. Next, the agency is opening up new regions... small ones... no news... no direction... only advice - best thing you can do is wait to read the monthly updates. Seriously? A phone call once and awhile would be nice just to keep in touch... but I guess it's a good thing I can read.

So, what do I do to kill time? Buy him 'stuff'. today, it was a chariot jogger / bike carrier. It's great and it was a good deal. I still feel crummy... I wish I had news. I'm pouting and frustrated (am I allowed to be frustrated yet??? It's only been just over 4 months but... I'm frustrated). I should probably stop reading the reports coming from other people who say the wait for an "older toddler" should be very short and that 4 months or the 9 that it could likely be doesn't make sense... but my money, my heart and my hopes are tied up waiting for news... So tonight, I'll head downstairs and fiddle with his new jogger and wonder again how long this will take. Is wanting some sort of news too much to ask?



Bethany said...

I've been wondering where you stand for region. And yes, you are definitely allowed to be beyond frustrated! I know it is so hard. When my original agency was suspended out of Russia, my world crumbled. I was beyond frustrated and you feel like you have to live to please your agency when you don't feel like you get it in return. Sigh. Praying something comes to light soon!

Julie Sellers said...

Oh Stacey! What a bummer.

I'm frustrated for you!

Your son is there somewhere they just have to shuffle that paperwork down the line and find him.

Email me through the blog: if there's anything I can do or even if you just want to vent.


David & Jodi said...

I agree, you are defintely allowed to be frustrated. I've heard others say that its only after you hit bottom with your frustration that something finally seems to happen in this crazy process. It seems to have been true time and time again. I hope 4 months is your bottom and that you hear some news soon!

Iraida said...

I feel for you. I'm still waiting for court and the wait is getting harder every day. May I write you off the blog?? My email is

Katie and Pete said...

I adopted twice from Saratov and LOVED the region. There were some issues over the last two years with an anti-US judge. If you want to email me with any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer.

Todd and Jana said...

Hi Stacey,

I just had to comment on your playlist. I LOVE it! Good luck with your adoption process. I hope you get good news soon:)


susie said...

Stacey...I can relate to the waiting, getting frustrated and buying him things!!! We have been waiting for first trip dates for over 3 mos....hang in there sms