Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hope the courier doesn't use Aeroflot

Update to say that my dossier should arrive tomorrow or Monday in Khab and be translated by the end of next week. Not exactly sure of the process from there but there may be yet another legalization / notarization before submission to the judge.  I'm hoping that this happens and that it can be on the judges desk the week of the 15th for review.  From there I'll have everything crossed and prayers being said that she might not have need for additional documents and be ready to set a pre trial date (which means I'll have a better idea of when I'll be back for court as it's date is generally 2 weeks after pre trial).  Here's to hoping I'm in the final few laps of this journey. 

In the mean time, my shower is next week, the basement will be cleaned and organized this weekend so that the spare room can be set up properly, I am going to begin filling time by filling my freezer with baking, casseroles, and things to pop out when I'm too tired to cook or need something to feed someone who's popped in for a visit.  I have an appointment with a friend who is a photographer to learn how to better use my camera so that I can take great pictures of my son and of his home and finally, I'm going to throw a big bad last hurrah party for my friends (no kids allowed so we can be funny and messy if it happens :)  I'm doing my best to fill the time and space between now and then - these things will help.  My position is now posted at work and my manager is in the throws of reviewing resumes to have someone in place for when I head out.  I'm going to take as much time as I can - I may never get the chance to have a year off with my child again (unless I win the Lotto). 

On a sad front, there is more negative media coverage of a terrible event that resulted in the death of an adopted Russian boy in the USA.   People are saying that it is being covered with much more balance than previous incidents and there is some talk of the fact that these children were adopted in 2003 long before the newer regulations were in place which regulate the industry much more tightly.  I can only hope and pray that this tragedy will not affect the provision of court dates for us who are waiting.  Time will tell.  Suffice to say that the event is absolutely horrific and I can't imagine what kind of person could hurt a child like that?  I don't even have my son home and he is never far from my thoughts or heart... I can't imagine being the one to inflict any sort of pain to someone I've fought so hard to bring into my life. Judgement could simply not be harsh enough. 

Stay tuned... great news should be coming soon(ish!) on the court front for me.


Lanita Moss said...

Keep your chin up. The wait is endless and at times, the request for more paperwork can be ridiculous, but as you said, the Russians are much tougher now than they used to be.

Good luck!

Lanita Moss said...

Oh my God, I just went back and read your bio. I am so sorry for your loss. However, when I made my journey to Russia in 1999 to get my daughter (now 11) I was also a widow. We were actually in the process of adopting a baby from Moscow when he was killed. So, I did it alone. Normally when someone says they know what you are going through and how you feel...they don't. But trust me on this one...I do.