Monday, March 15, 2010


This is for the boys: 35 beautiful women... one shower.... it went late into the darkness... some even stayed the night.  As you snap out of that dreamy world of fantasy you just escaped to (no the next line doesn't hold tales of pillow fights and truth or dare) it was my "Russian Adoption Shower" and I had an amazing time.  It was like George Kostanza when he talked about "worlds colliding"... so many different groups, so many different times shared but one thing in common... amazing, beautiful, kind, smart, caring, dedicated friends.  It was so nice to have someone pull me aside and say, "I was worried that I wouldn't know anyone here and now I have new friends... everyone is so nice - they just brought me into conversation like I'd known them for years".  Those are my girlz... my peeps... or just to make my mom cringe... my "BIATCHES" (OK that's not entirely true, only a certain few have been dubbed with that tag and I know you love it). 

We ate amazing food, drank great wine, shared some bubbly, huddled around the chocolate fountain like it was a quarterback communicating the game winning play and I opened in gratitude the gifts for my son.  My front room is filled with the aftermath of the celebration (good thing recycle day is tomorrow for the paper and cardboard boxes - don't worry, I'm keeping the biggest one for him to play in as I know it will likley be the biggest hit!) I will likely NEVER have to buy another gift bag in my life.  We are going to have an active summer visiting all the places people want to send us like the zoo, the science center, Calaway Park, the rec center down the road.  You will travel in style in your new car seat and Grandma made me cry when I opened her hand made gift certificate for "One plane ride home for my Grandson".  Your love of Machena has been provided for with the various gifts of "wheels" to choose from - big wheel, scooter, plasma car, bike (that's a little big for now!) - my friend Melody is convinced you will "pee your pants" when you see the ways you can travel the neighborhood sidewalks.  You have so many bedtime story books to choose from and I'm sure judging by the titles and the sweet things written on their inside covers, I'm 'gonna cry the first times through for sure.  I can't wait to put your little basketball net up out in the back yard and have the ladies show you how to play soccer. 
I was sure to tell everyone there how much their friendship (some a lifetime... some pretty new) means to me.  So many of these beautiful ladies have seen me through some difficult times and have always stood by me no matter how dark the day.  You have watched me grow as a child, as a woman, and now you will coach me through being a mom.  I'll be sure to remember I have you all to call on for help - unsolicited advice MOSTLY welcome... (unless I look at you with that undeniable expression of "I'll take that under advisement").  I wanted to make sure that you all know you have played a role in giving me the strength to face the challenges head on and giving me the crowd to celebrate the high points with.  There is one huge regret that I have from the shower and that is that I forgot to get the picture of my village... I wanted to set the camera and huddle in for a group shot... I forgot.  Suffice to say, I've read over and over that it takes a village to raise a child... and I come from the most beautiful, talented, supportive, amazing village.... population YOU.  If that's not enough, I opened up emails yesterday from highschool friends I haven't seen for the better part of 20 years (I thought if I wrote it small it wouldn't feel like a lifetime ago) who want to have another get together down in the old stomping grounds... wow... and the hockey girls felt left out... and want to make sure I'm positioned to nurture his budding Russian Born, Canadian Raised hockey roots... the kindness never ends and for that I am so very grateful :)

One VERY important thing I did at my shower was to share with people my little boys name.  It feels so good to be able to say it out loud and make it part of my vocabulary.  Not many people knew what it was (my sister and Grandma were the first and are good secret keepers!).  Names (like words in songs - hence my dogs name Lyric) have a great meaning to me and I'm so smitten with what my boys name means.  Stay tuned - the story is in works for my bloggy friends too :)

Before I sign off, I want to update the situation just a bit... not much else to say - except huge thanks for the emails and support.  I can't wait to have the feeling of influence and control again in my life... 27 months since I can say I am the master of my domain... I did manage to piece together a plan of attack.  My documents are on their way to Ottawa today to be re-processed and re-sent to Khabarovsk to be presented to the judge.  In the mean time, my dossier (as is) will be submitted to the judge either today or tomorrow with the knowledge that an additional request for the application will be made.  But, this also allows my dossier to be logged in before my medicals expire and for the Judge to ask for any extra documents now.  There was a huge debate on if this would be done or if I would have to wait until the new application arrived.  There currently is still a difference of opinion on waiting for the new document or submitting now... thank God I know it is getting done as we speak.  Another win for Nancy Drew and co.  So, who knows... if all the judge asks for is the new application, she will have it all on about the 24-26th and can start looking for a pre trial date then.  Best case scenario now??? 3rd or 4th week April court. 
As the very smart fish Nemo says, "keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming".

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