Saturday, March 20, 2010


Whack-A-Mole.  It's no longer just the game I used to play at the fairgrounds because it was the only one I could win a prize at, it's now become my analogy for the adoption process.  Just the same as the game where you stand poised with your malliot over the holey landscape, from the moment the phone rings with news of your referral you stand positioned, pen in one hand, phone in the other, courier account number clutched somewhere inbetween ready to pounce on the newest ultra urgent request.  For almost 2 years I meandered through the landscape of doddling document accumulation but when that phone call came, the landslide of urgency began.  Just like Whack-A-Mole, I pounce on the item that pops up - because I know it will and I know I am ready.  When I think about it, I guess that's why it's so hard to get excited about "stuff" that is happening outside of the popping moles and timer counting down.  At the fair, no matter how big the crowd is as the strong man hammer game next door or how many bells go off at the horse race game just behind you, the focus is on that next mole... and on how much time is left... and how many more little prizes you need before you can trade up to the really big teddy you have your eye on.  Well, I'm almost ready to trade up to the prize I've worked so hard for - my court dossier was submitted on the 18th to the Judge and the corrected application will arrive to her mid next week.  My invitation to travel should get here Monday and I will have my Visa hopefully by the following week.  Another court date has been set for a family in Khab - 2 weeks after the judge accepts documents is pre trial, one week after that is trial.  So, IF the judge doesn't need more documents after next week, she could set pre trial for 2 - 3 weeks after that and trail one week after that.  Soooo... in the dare to dream catagory, it could be court date in a month with me traveling back a few days before that to see Corbin at the baby home.  I can't wait.  One more Whack-A-Mole down.

In other updates, it seems as though I may have to stay in Komsomolsk for my 10 day wait.  The SW is new and may not allow us to head back into Khab.  I was discussing the logistics of the trip with my girlfriends last night and how the stay in Koms would cost 2 hotel rooms, food for both of us, transportation back and forth to the baby home outside of the city... to the grand total of about $325 a day... 10 days... YIKES!!! My girlfriends and I were discussing a camping trip this summer and Kim suggested an option that might just be a winner.  She said why don't you pack the tent, a camp stove, a laundry line and sleeping bag and just camp outside the baby home?  You can make smores for the kids, sing camp songs, play the guitar... We howled at the prospect of this... I can just imagine the AP playing little house on the prarie, waving from the field outside... and I can imagine my facilitator along for the ride NOT!!!  OK it was probably funnier after a few glasses of wine but we thought it was amusing. 

Other than that, not much news from this side of the pond.  I appreciate the comments, emails and calls, and yes, of course I'll let you know when our flight touches down.  It's sort of like the final mole... coming down the escalator at the airport and seeing you all there - the journey ends and our lives together at home begin.  Ah... that will be one great mole!


Tracey and Chuck said...

Thinking of you and hoping to hear GREAT news any day now!!! :)

BTW - Love his name!!!


Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Ok, firstly, Your package is going out on Monday!!
there are a couple of hotels In Komsomolsk that you can stay in..BY far, the best one for me was the Voschod. It is a straight shot from the train station. There is a market behind it. and there is a nice (well if you overlook the wild dogs and the drunk teenagers) that baby Corbin can play in, right beside it.
The other is called the "Visit" or something like it. It is on a corner and across from it is a bus depot, and it's loud.
I am going to find my Google earth map and show you where things are...
I wanted to stay longer in Koms, but went directly to Khabarovsk.
There is a flea market kind of place where my dad bought caviar that he delighted on for days!
I am going right now to find some info for you! I may email you or make a blog post for you!!
Things are rolling along!
and BTW,I LOVE the name Corbin.